USB adapter with built-in battery backup

USB adapter with built-in battery backup, I’ve been searching and have not found anything so I’m asking if anyone has heard of one, this is what I’m thinking a USB adapter with a battery backup circuit built in that would power a WYZE camera for an hour, we had a break in where the people doing the break in turned off the main power to the house, we did have battery backup on the computer and router ect’s but all of the cameras went down.
I’ve searched the internet for small battery back ups but found nothing.

No power to the camera also means router has no power. So it isn’t enough.

Shanqiu Mini UPS Battery Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply for Router, Modem, Security Camera, Input DC or USB Output USB 5V DC 5V 9V 12V 2A (37Wh)

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Thanks I did see these it would work but too big and cost, I would like one that just supplies the 5 volts for the camera and uses the power adapter that comes with the camera. my hope is that WYZE would come up with one.