US account but using Pan Cam in Africa

Hi. We live in the States but have a cottage in Africa. If I buy a Pan Cam State side and have it on contract here in the States but have it set up in our cottage in Africa, will we be able to monitor the footage?

I think your 2.4 internet network in Africa would need the same SSID and password for that to maybe work?

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I live in Seattle and I use same Wyze profile anytime I’m in Lagos, Nigeria. Connect your phone to 2.4Ghz Wifi network and just add your Wyze camera to your Wyze app. That’s all. I’m back in the US now and I have view of my Lagos camera

I assume you set up the camera while in Lagos ? The OP said he wanted to set it up it Africa but I am thinking they would have to be there to have their phone and cam on the same network for set up. I live in California and I can view my cams when I go to New York but I set the cams up here in CA.
I’m just guessing,

Pre-setting it up here in the US will not work (if network name SSID is different). I did that and I had to delete the cameras and add them again in Lagos. The logic is, you need to add the camera to the network of the location to get it on the internet

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@Antonius I agree with you on the point you made earlier: if your Wi-Fi SSID is the same as the one you have in the other location, it will work.

I also think connecting cams to a smart plug is a good idea so you can power cycle them from a remote location. I have smart plugs connected to my wired cams so I can just sit here and power cycle instead of going around and unplug/plug the cams back in if required.