UPS for Wyze Cam

UPDATE Lasted for 11 hours. Starting at 12:30 pm, until 11:00 pm. With “Rec. on motion” and Auto night vision on. There was motion almost every half an hour. I also streamed for a couple of seconds on my iPad multiple times in that period

Maybe that’s been done before. I’ve got a 6 Hour wall plug type UPS for modems and converted it’s DC jack to a USB via a dongle. Now i’ll test if it’ll actually last up to 6 hours

6 hours? Just get any battery-based phone charger, usually about $25. Plug-in your WYZE cam USB cable to the charger, plug the charger to the mains. In case of a power failure, this should last for much more than 6 hours.

Here’s one such charger:

Passthrough charging [if it hasn’t been produced for the purpose] with power banks is not safe and a fire hazard. The funcionality has been removed by Anker and a couple of more brands. So I strongly recommend otherwise

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been using passthru charging with solar panel and outdoor for a year now… your suggestion of safety is meh

This was i have been using for number of project! Have emergency light with this passthru battery bank for years now

That power bank is made for pass-through charging Louis. Basically the same thing i’m using with a larger battery