Wyze mini UPS for power failure

Ravpower makes a 6700ma battery charger that has through put (pass through) charging, and surge protecting.


You have to use a 2a adapter bc the wyze cam 1a won’t keep up, but works great. Get a 5-6 hours of recording if the power goes down.

Router and mobile hotspot are on a Cyberpower UPS. Someone trips the power gonna still record.


Great idea. Thank you for sharing.

Or you could use this.


Wanted to see if you could confirm that this is the one you got? Want to make sure I get one with passthrough, to ensure the cans don’t reboot when switching to battery. Thanks!


In response to neoprimal. The q&a section, on Amazon, states that the power drops when the device switches from wall power to battery power. This would make it not a very usable UPS for the Wyze cams.

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