Upgrade (Replace) a v1 with a v2 (want to duplicate current settings)

Is there a way to simply unplug a v1 and plug in a v2 (using same cords/plug) and then using the app duplicate the settings of v1?

The goal is to replace v1 with v2, take out the sd card and have all the same settings of v1 setup on the new v2 camera?

I will not be running the v1 on this network anymore. (so also would like to factory reset it before) boxing it up for a friend.

No, there’s no way to copy the settings. But really? Setup is simple and there aren’t that many settings. Take screenshots of the settings pages if you need to remember them. I should take more than 10 minutes to set up the V2.

To reset the V1 to factory, hold the setup button for 20-30 seconds with the camera powered on.

The power cords are the same, so you can use the V1s power cord for the V2.

Right on…you were correct…all good. Thank you. The only thing I was worried about was the loss of the library…so what I did is uploaded my 8 videos I wanted to save to YouTube marked as Private.

But…for all future folks…if you manually record your videos (my device name, account name is the same) the videos were all visible in my account for that camera. (cloud, sd card?) Not sure. But they were there!

So RickO was spot on. Awesome answer.

PS I just noted my settings on a sheet of paper as there were only a few.