Update relinking with Google Home

So I just had to unlink and relink my wyze account on google home. Not a big deal except when I unlinked, all my bulbs were still there and I got an error “only owners can unlink” when trying to unlink each bulb individually. The fix after speaking with a Google Home rep was to uninvite and reinvite the other family members on the account. That’s just what worked for me anyway.

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Sounds like a google specific problem. Did the issue replicate?

Yes I’m pretty sure it’s just a Google thing. I wanted it to be on this forum though since we all had to relink. Didn’t try replicating it, but it sounded like the Google team was familiar enough to come up with that suggestion.

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@ejrakes123 did you ever figure out how to fix the problem? i have the same thing happening to me currently.