Update on Wyze In Response Orders & Shipping (May 12, 2020)

My apologies…Order #002003169. I would rather receive the masks instead of a refund.

@Techscribe, I believe that your order got lost. Sorry about that! I have created a new order for you that will ship out when we have stock later. It’s order 002489080.

@drivard, you’re welcome for the update. Sorry I didn’t have happier news!

@Charlemagne, I apologize. Your order is also in the closed status. I’m going to ask someone to get your refund past the system error for you but you can place a new one when we have stock if you would like.

I should have asked - Do you have a feel for when a refund might be issued?

I expect it to be processed tomorrow. After that, it takes about 2-5 business days for a refund to reach an account depending on the bank.


@WyzeGwendolyn, here is the ticket# that has order details: [Wyze Ticket 592895]

Sorry about that, @krisbee! I replied to your ticket and made a replacement order for you: 002489914.


I ordered Qty 10 of the Kn95 masks on 4/30/2020 and paid via Amazon Pay.
I got receipts of payment from Wyze, and from Amazon Pay via Email.
The order 002246788 was missing from “my orders”, but I talked to tech support about it, and it then appeared. I had put in a ticket about it which was 574703. The order then appeared in my orders as “back-ordered”. I then got an email from Wyze apologizing for the back-order condition of the kn95 masks on 5/7.
It now shows “processing”. I still want the kn95 masks, so I assume I should just wait.
I want to buy a scale, but until this gets here, I am going to wait.

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(edit, order shipped)

Will do. I really appreciate your help in getting this resolved.


@WyzeGwendolyn I posted on another thread a few days ago but haven’t received a reply. I ordered a no touch thermometer back on April 28th. The order says it was shipped a few days later however none of the tracking info works or ahs been updated since then. I really need this thermometer as I’m a healthcare professional required to take temps on all patients and employees daily. Order # is 002198452 Can you please check on this and give an update? Thanks.

Those who have a Fedx Smart Post 20 digit tracking number (which is dead after waiting for USPS) add 92 in front.
Go to USPS and enter this 22 digit tracking number and subscribe to text or email notification …this worked for me !

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Amie, Perhaps mentioning an upcoming process change similar to software upgrades would allow customers to delay orders until they feel comfortable placing the order.


@WyzeGwendolyn I have ordered the KN95 on April 30, 2020. Here is the order number: 002224570. I received part of the order but not the KN95 masks. The status says delivered but I haven’t received it.


002180398 Placed April 26…no updates or items received

@WyzeGwendolyn I ordered on May 6th and still no update or reply to my email. I paid with Amazon Pay. The payment ID is P01-1221383-4929396. I don’t have a order # yet. Thank you!

Hi @WyzeGwendolyn! Can you help me out with order 001910061. The masks arrived but the rest of the order did not. Also, if it’s not shipped yet, I’d love to make a change to a black camera. Thanks!

So you’re saying my scale I ordered the other day should be here promptly :ok_hand::grin:

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This is not the first time I have fallen victim to an “I’m sorry about our screwed up shipping” from Wyze. I have been a customer for several years now and I would have thought that the company would have matured and improved, but it always seems like one step forward and then two back.

This is very disappointing and worse embarrassing because I have recommended Wyze to a number of other people.

Anyhow, @WyzeGwendolyn my order# 002245996 placed on 4/30 is still showing “Ready To Go” and indicates that USPS is still awaiting the package. Can you please see about expediting this before the next Pandemic comes around or I die of old age? Thank you!


thank you!!

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I received my masks but i did not get my wyze products in my order #002238871 @WyzeGwendolyn