Unwanted scraping sound

All my Androind devices play a scraping sound when logged into this particular Wyze cam v3. I would happily upload a video file to this forum, however ne users can not upload attachments. I would love to share this bug with someone in “feedback” if I knew where to send it.

Welcome to the crowd. This V3 makes strange sounds all the time, Turn up the sound on your device. I’m using iOS devices.

Yes yes yes. That’s the exact same sound I’m getting. I stopped using that particular camera.

Thanks for your input.

Alan McCarron

The sound doesn’t bother me because I have record sound turned off and notifications for sound turned off on that camera. All 8 of my cameras are outdoors and I don’t want to hear all the noises anyway. :grin:


Link doesn’t work, it says video is private.


Try it again. YouTube makes it private for the first few minutes. I just checked and it is now listed as public.

Yes it’s the same sound. I have three V3 cams, one V3 Pro cam and four battery powered cams and that V3 I posted is the only one that makes all the noise. Since I always have the sound off maybe I’ll see if it happens at all hours. there are other post around here that report the same issue.

I have the same on 1 of 4 V3 cameras. I’m on Android.