Unshare issue?

I just got my cam v3 and found that the person whom you share your camera with can still control the shared camera even if it has been unshared, as long as the person is using that camera when it is unshared. The unshare action works after that person exits the camera.

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To make sure I understand, if you unshare your camera while the shared users is using the camera it won’t unshare? Does the camera unshare after the shared user exits the camera in the Wyze app or does it stay shared?
What happens if the users exits the Wyze app and comes back?

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Answer to Q1: It stays shared. User can see the video, can turn on siren etc.
Answer to Q2 and 3: It stays unshared. The camera is gone after exit.

Thanks for your response.


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I would expect most systems work exactly this way. The way around it is probably rebooting or power cycling the camera after unsharing.

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It seems that access for the camera isn’t shut down in real time when it’s being used by the shared user. I’m not sure if this would be doable. As long as the camera becomes unshared I am fine with the way it is now. What do you think?


I don’t have a scenario that it should unshare in real time yet. But, someone may have.

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Nov 2022, having the same issue. My EX still has access and can still view camera feed even after I unshared the camera!

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I am sorry. If you are still having issues with this please contact security@wyze.com and give them the information, they will be able to help you.