Unknown voice from camera

Anyone ever have issues with random unidentifiable voice coming from the camera itself? Happened to me twice in the middle of the night within a few minutes of each other. Random person was speaking - it was a bit distorted so couldn’t clearly understand it as I was sleeping in another room (think I heard “Hello anyone up”. This is a bit concerning so I immediately disconnected the camera. Now might remove all my wyze cams and only use them in garage or outside and return or get rid of the rest that I have as I no longer want to keep them in the house.


The only way someone could be speaking to you via a camera is if they know your user account details, usually your email address and a password. I would strongly suggest changing the password to one never used by you anywhere else and enabling 2FA (Two Factor Authentication). This will prevent someone gaining access to your cameras.


I was using a password never used before - just strikes me odd. There must have been some type of crossed connection or something - or someone within WYZE doings something they shouldn’t be doing.

Similar thing has happened to me - a mystery voice emerged from the Wyze app (iOS) while I was viewing one of my Wyze cameras. I reported the event to Wyze, who dismissed the event as not being plausible.

My user credentials are such that the possibility that someone was able to access my account is extremely unlikely - my password is ‘strong’: more than 12 characters of gibberish, and not used anywhere else.

I am a programmer and I can say with a large degree of confidence that without compromising your credentials there is literally no way for what you describe to happen. There are no “wires to cross” at Wyze. Turning Two Factor Authentication on will put a stop to it however it is happening.


Interesting that it happened to you as well. I don’t think they should have dismissed it. Nobody would have my credentials. Never used anywhere. I didn’t have the two factor authentication turned on until now. If someone gained access with my username and password they would have done a lot more to my settings then just say “hello…”,etc

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All I can say that it happened, just as I described. And I can say that with a 100.0% degree of certainty.

Needless to say there are no physical wires to cross at Wyze. But there is a great deal of software embodied in Wyze servers (and in Wyze devices), some of which Wyze programmers have designed and coded, while other modules have been ‘imported’ from 3rd parties. Programmers are only human, and as you know, humans make mistakes from time to time. C’est la vie.

I believe it happened as you described but as much as I am certain it happened I am even more certain that Wyze had zero to do with it nor could they even if they wanted too.

Without a background in the technical ins and outs it would be impossible for me to explain. Perhaps someone else has a better gift at explanations than I do.

But as I mentioned turning on Two Factor Authentication will help. By the way our software, commercially available, that we use to audit password complexity can crack a 15 character password containing numbers symbols and letters in about 2 hours. Those are now considered “weak” passwords. Typically I use passwords that are machine generated over 90 characters and contain symbols numbers and upper and lower case letters etc. But not everywhere supports strong passwords yet. Also I use non SMS based 2FA when possible. And even with all of that I change my passwords frequently and never reuse one.


Share the event. Let’s hear it.


Thanks all. At this time I’ve lost some confidence in Wyze. Will stick with using the devices in in finished rooms (I.e. garage) and outdoors only - removing the rest. If anyone else has experienced this I would like to hear about it.

We and Wyze should hear the event. A SD card should have captured it, please post.


Unfortunately the sound event didn’t record (I might have had sound notification off). All I have is the motion of me pulling the plug out. In any case, I have reached out to WYZE, so waiting to hear back.

So there are 2 anomaly’s then. One is the extraterrestrial voice and the other is their technology to delete all trace of the event happening by deleting both the SD local and the cloud based stored data. The same thing happened with the radio recordings the Navy couldn’t locate after a UFO encounter near California. When they went to check the tapes - they were blank! Radar traces as well.
This is major news - aside from Wyze, SETI needs to be brought in to assess this immediately. We may be on the verge of a breakthrough for hunmanity, albeit an unexpected one but if you can definitely prove life exists elsewhere in the universe, and they’re trying to contact us through Wyze cams, well…



While this is a comical post I dont think belittling the reported issue just because you dont understand it is appropriate. As fo not having an event recorded, if someone speaks through the camera it does not record it if 1. Sound recording is not on, 2. Continuous recording is not on (as this would not be an event) 3. An SD card were not being used. This shows that there are plenty of reasons the sound was not recorded. I just tested each of these on my cam and my voice was not recorded coming through the camera in any of these situations.


OK but you don’t know for sure that it’s not aliens trying to contact us through these cams do you? Isn’t it a bit suspicious that Wyze came out of nowhere and suddenly sold a million of these. No one ever heard of them before and now they’re everywhere, with cameras, microphones, who knows what else is in those little white cubes. Sure sounds like advanced intelligence at work to me. Just sayin’ :nerd_face:


Yes because WYZE cams are perfect just like Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa never having privacy issues.


Whats at play here is FUD. (Fear Uncertainty Doubt). Technically there is NO way for Wyze to do what they are being accused of. The ONLY way what is being reported could happen is if someone had compromised their account credentials. But most people have a false sense of security thinking a password alone will keep kids and hackers out. It won’t, password crackers have come a long way and computer horsepower is light years ahead of even 5 years ago. And I am only talking about regular good old PCs not a government.

I don’t know why people are willing to blame a company for something they don’t understand but won’t even think about the fact their own account has been hacked.


I agree that my credentials could have been compromised, but what if it wasn’t. What internal controls do they have in place to test and monitor their aren’t any internal or external breaches. Is their a regulator that goes in to thoroughly review these controls (like the SEC for brokers). You would be naive to think none of this can happen without someone’s credentials being compromised.

The issue described has NOTHING in common with the voice assistant recordings at Apple, Amazon, and Google. In those cases employees and contractors were listening to recordings that were submitted to their servers as the normal course of events NOT listening or talking to customers LIVE as is being accused above. This is a prime example of FUD. You don’t understand so you are conflating two completely different things. You actually just proved my point.


My point is no technology is perfect and breaches arise. You mean to tell me there is no way this can happen without a compromise of my account credentials. If that’s the case, then you can’t discount the fact that it could be a disgruntled employee within or former employee since they might know the weaknesses in the technology. You must be employed by WYZE or a contractor/consultant for them, or private investor.