Uninstall Picture in Picture

Just installed my Cam-OG. Was working great and then a pop up forced me to install some sort of PiP app even though I only have one Cam-OG. Now I can’t get rid of the list of events that are occupying the bottom two thirds of my screen. Very annoying. Mostly a problem in my Bluestacks emulator. Can’t view the cam in full screen mode. When I rotate the screen in the emulator it just goes sideways and doesn’t get rid of the events list like it does on the phone.

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The OG allows you to use a Picture in Picture when viewing the live stream. If you don’t want it you can swipe the box to the side of the screen (or hit the little arrow) to minimize it.

The event list at the bottom is a feature of the new interface (present on the latest 4 cams). If your unable to rotate the emulator to full screen, try hitting the full screen button in the upper right of the live view box


Why didn’t I think of that? Thanks. It worked. I’m accustomed to hitting the full screen on the emulator, which is why I didn’t think of it.


I addition to what @IEatBeans indicated, there is a small line below the live feed, just above where it says Show Menu. You can drag that down to display the full screen in portrait mode. Then you can scroll left to right to see the entire image.

Then simply rotate to Landscape or tap on the Full Screen button, top right to restore the screen back again.