Understanding the Room Sensors

I guess to confirm my understanding…

•Does Wyze Thermometer have all of the same built in sensors as the new Room Sensors?
-So I don’t need a sensor also in my living room, on the main floor, where the thermostat is located?
•If the sensor is upstairs, and it can tell we are up there lets say getting the kids ready for bed, it will try to cool the area where the upstairs sensor is, which will likely make the main floor very cold?
-If my wife and kids come upstairs to play, then go back down, the main floor will likely be a lot cooler, plus it will take a lot more energy to cool the upstairs, since heat rises…
-Is there an option to only cool said area if activity is over X time?
•I thought I read this, but now i’m not seeing it, but rather than motion sensing for a temp change, we can have it based on time, right?
-So during the day we may want it 70°F on the main floor(so it is likely 75° upstairs), then at night have the upstairs cooled to 70° while sleeping(the main floor will likely be 65°)?
-Then have it turn off around when we wake up, so main floor isn’t freezing when we come down for breakfast? Definitely don’t want the heat to turn on to bring the main floor to a set temp, though.
•This seems like a great product idea, but it is hard to get past that it would go better with an HVAC room control system. Is that in the works? It was talked about on here before, but I don’t think it was something they planned on doing…

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Yes it does, they both have the same sensors (temp, humidity, motion)

There are a few options for what it will do, There is a ‘threshold temp difference’ you set, this is for if the reading of the sensor and thermostat get too far apart. Say you set this at 5 degrees and the two become 5 degrees apart, if it is set for savings it will stop trying to increase that room to save money, if set to balanced it will continue heat/cool until the average of the room and thermostat reach the set temperature on the thermostat, if set for comfort it will continue to run until the room sensor reaches the set temp. In the case of the comfort setting and your example, the main floor could get cold.

I think what you may be referring to is setting a schedule for when the sensor is included, for instance if you have a sensor in your bedroom you may only want it to look at that sensor when you go to bed, so you can have the sensor be included in the sleep mode of the thermostat and excluded in the home and away modes.

Hopefully i was able to answer some of your questions


The only way to control said temp in each room is, a zone controlled system that consists of motorized dampers and thousands of dollars of duct modification to do so.
When they say that they can control the individual room Temps they are wrong.
Cant be done with just sensors, unless you already have a zoned system. Even then I don’t think it would be compatible.
If your gonna try and use these to try and tame down hot or cold rooms specifically, I think the outcome will be more of a cost in energy than it’s worth if you don’t already have a zoned system!

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So basically if you ever find yourself adjusting, or someone asking you to adjust, the thermostat to accommodate cool/hot rooms, this will automate that. One more thing off my honey do list! Thanks Wyze!

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