Unable to view video on app for Outdoor cam after thieves broke cam

So yesterday, 3/1, a thief broke into my cabin in the woods. The scumbag cut the wire to my satellite internet then pulled down the Wyze camera and destroyed as well as broke the Micro SD card in half. Alarm went off after he broke a window to gain entry. Anyway, a video was sent to the app but I am unable to open it to view. I tried sending it to myself to look on other devices but no luck there either. Any secrets that I can’t find that may allow me to view?

From what little I understand the Wyze Cam Outdoor model (battery powered, not the V3) can store event video on the SD card in the base station but not on the SD card in the camera(?). Did he break both? Also, SD cards have surprisingly little circuitry so it’s remotely possible the remnants can still be accessed.

As to the cloud videos they should just work. When you download them what size are they? Your best bet for viewing is usually VLC on a Windows PC…

I came across this thread

It seems if the recording didn’t complete that can muck up the cloud recording/viewing.

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Thank you.

I am working on a similar solution but meanwhile, grab that screen shot of the culprit in case it all disappears. :slight_smile:

All I get is black screen.

This is all I get one