Camera stolen, unable to download media

my camera was stolen. I am able to view the person’s face as he is taking my camera. I am unable to download the media to my phone. I do have cam plus lite (PD Legacy) dedicated to that camera that was stolen. How can I download the media?

If you play the event fully (all 12 seconds) at the end there is an option to download the clip to your phone.

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all other events have that option except the last recording: Waze will probably say because the recording was not “complete” and so it is unretrievable?

It probably didn’t complete because the screen shot you posted says the cam is in Live view.

I agree… but there must be some way of retrieving/downloading this recording as I am still able to view it… no?

May not be the best right now but its something, to do a screen recording on your device for safety.