Can you playback of camera disconnected?

i can’t see playback of camera if i disconnect it from power. what if someone walks in and takes the camera with him … is there any way to view the video if the camera is not there anymore or disconnected from electricity?
thanks in advance

Hi @sirg and welcome to the community.

You can still play the 12 second event clips even if the camera is disconnected or stolen. You can not unfortunately access the videos stored on the SD card on the camera.

You can access the event clips from the app - event menu item at the bottom of the screen


The cams record everything to the SD card; only the 12 second motion clips are uploaded to the cloud. There is a workaround though if it’s critical. Tiny cam pro app works with Wyze cams, and offers continuous cloud based recording. It’s a paid subscription service though, and it can really chew through your monthly data (typically 1TB limit).