Watch videos after the camera is stolen

How can I watch cloud videos after the camera is stolen or disconnected?

The cloud videos remain there for 14 days. Doesn’t matter if the camera is on or off. Open the app. tap events on the bottom, make sure you are on the correct day and clear all filters.


If that’s the 14-day thing, I know. What I did not know is that if the camera is stolen or it is disconnected you can access the videos in the cloud of that specific camera. Today I have contacted WYZE and they have confirmed that if the camera is not online, you cannot see the videos from the cloud.

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That is total BS. If I go outside and turn the power off on any one of my cameras with the plug or switch on the cam I can still see every event recorded to the cloud for the past 14 days. if you don’t believe me try it.

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You have to try with it totally disconnected and you will see what I tell you. For me it is something illogical to record in a cloud and that if the camera is stolen you cannot see it

You are making absolutely no sense. If I turn the power off it is totally disconnected, I can delete the cam from the app and still see the videos that were recorded prior to removing the power and the cam.


I turned the power off to this cam 35 min. ago because the tree was setting it off.


Alexander, you are totally wrong. Watching cloud videos makes not difference if the camera is turned on or not, I suspect that the Wyze support person either did not understand the question, or you did not understand the answer.

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If the camera is lost or powered down then you can’t get to the SD card recordings under Camera, View Playback. You can always get to the “cloud” recordings from Events on the main page of the app.

And I do not believe that even the most poorly trained rep would say such a thing.

I would like to see the videos recorded in the cloud even if the camera is disconnected so if the camera is stolen by a stranger we can verify who stole it.

You can see any events recorded by your cameras in the event tab. You cannot see recordings on the sdcard because they are not stored in the cloud.

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It throws me this error when I want to see recordings of the camera that is not connected to the power

That’s an error saying the video never made it to the cloud. Whole other issue.

You never said which camera, V2, V3, WCO. Status of internet signal to the cameras? Firmware version, app version?

No it isn’t?

V3 Signal Good, Firmware aplicacion v2.22.21

I stand corrected…other posts suggest waiting and then retry viewing the video. Other suggestions are to force close the app and retry. Apparently the videos exist but playback is a problem.


The Events Will Stay On The Cloud For 14 Days, You Would Be able To See Everything Up Till When The Camera Was Powered Down, Even If The Cam Was Stolen, Smashed Or Any Other Problem, You Just Need To Go In The App And Look At The Event Tab.

i get that on working cams. mine is error 09 failed to fetch bla bla. thank you wyze guys.

If some of you can actually see your events with the camera off, stolen, smashed, burned or whatever I’m happy for you. You must be paying for a special edition of CAM+ or your just plain wrong. I’ve tried everything and after my cameras being stolen I see nothing. Perhaps if someone walked through the sequence one must go through in the required order I would at least try again but telling me over and over and over and over and over and over, “it’s on the events tab” is useless.