Unable to view events on V3, but live view works fine

I have four V3 cams.
Similar issues of not loading for at least a month.
Long spinning wheel.
I also get an Error (code 300): unknown. Please try again later, message on most my videos.

Videos are also skipping. Ill see a person enter the video, and next they are teleported 5 feet.

I do weekly restarts.

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I have the same issue on 2 of 4 cameras. Events show the still image, when I click to playback, just spins. It loads a few bytes, but never completes. This happens 100% of the time on 2 cameras. I have Cam+


Another person with the same problem 100% of time. It used to work so well and now the events never load. I’ve restarted, rebooted, cleared cache, etc.


I encourage everyone having this issue to unsubscribe from cam plus until wyze fixes this. I also remember a time when video play back was consistently smooth. It’s happening on all 4 of my cameras. I figured it would improve on cam plus. Not. I will unsubscribe and revisit cam plus when they decide to fix this.

Yes, this is well it’s been happening to me since I bought the new V3 pro. I keep getting error 09 message I went ahead and installed the VLC app so every time my event is triggered it will automatically download it to VLC which I can pull up and see all the videos and audio just fine.