Unable to view Doorbell video

I am unable to view recorded videos from my wired Wyze Video Doorbell on my Samsung phone however my wife can view these videos on her Iphone. Is anyone else having this issue.
When I first installed device I didn’t have this problem and I have gone through support and submitted log with final response being be on the lookout for firmware updates.
I get a pop up when I attempt to view videos “Error (code 09): Video Player Error. etc. etc.”

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I just tested my VDBv1 on FW, App 2.37.0(b111), Android 11.

All recorded video saved to DCIM folder and plays with sound on multiple different gallery apps.

What version of VDBv1 FW, App, and OS is on your Samsung? Have any of these been updated just recently?

App (shown as Plugin version in settings):
Android version 12 on Samsung Galaxy A21
My phone was last updated on Oct, 21. 2022 and I checked this AM and there are no other updates.
Could the difference in the app version be the problem?
Before I sent this e-mail, I force stopped app., restarted the doorbell and restarted my phone but still shows and I cannot find a way to update that.
I still get error code when trying to view the doorbell videos.

The app version I am on is actually a Beta Testing app as I am in the Beta program. The version you have should be listed as in the app Account>About and is the most recent release. However I don’t believe this is an issue as I have not read any other reports of video compatibility w\ recorded mp4 video on that app version.

To troubleshoot the issue, it would help to know what changed and when. Did this happen immediately after a device OS update? A firmware update? An app update?

If it is a codec incompatibility w\ the resident player from Samsung, it might help to isolate that by downloading another player app and seeing if the mp4 will play there.