Unable to use base station

I received a base station that arrived with a configured name of Suzette Base Station. This leads me to wonder if it was a returned defective unit that was shipped to me. It is essentially useless. It connects sporadically via ethernet to the router but attempts to connect via wireless result in “Unstable connection. Please try again” errors. Attempts to use the Help feature give nonsensical answers from a very brain damaged automated assistant. I had hopes of replacing my Nest cameras but it looks like that will not happen. I can even find a way to retunr the equipment. What a waste of money.

I would call Wyze Customer Support on Monday, explain the situation and request a replacement:

Wyze Customer Support: (206) 339-9646
Available Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT


So I’m guessing that you bought it from an outlet store and not from wyze direct

A preconfigured name is definitely a tip off – where did you get it? In the meantime, is it up-to-date on firmware? There were several recent versions that had issues worthy of sending the unit back.

If you need it, use @Seapup’s Support contact number.


The confirmation I received for the order was from store.wyze.com. Can I assume hat is direct?

The confirmation for my order was from store.wyze.com. When I first plugged the unit in, it asked to upgrade the firmware and I did that.

I will try to contact support on Monday.

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As suggested, I called Wyze Support (sic). Very unpleasant experience. The support person did not find it unusual that a unit would be received pre-configured. I was treated as if I were an idiot and then told they would send email immediately after the call to instruct me what to do next. No email 12 hours later. I’ll wait a few days and call again.

Wow it’s best to do a return request from the wyze support page we ordered 8 of wyze watch 47C the new model set all back, a major issues with the new model,my watch 47 works just fine…so when you do the request on line and hit submit you will get a case number and its all sent to your email, then what I did was replay to the email with the order number and the issues and pictures if needed that will make it go much faster,then an agent will email you in 12-24 hrs.remember the person you spoke 2 was most likely in China and has no clue about customer service. Good luck

Aren’t most customer support people these days in either in India or the Philippines (not China)?

What are your current firmware versions on both the Outdoor Camera and it’s base?

What was your Wyze ticket number so I can pass it to improve their process?