Unable to take Picture from Live View

On my Pan Cam I am unable to take pictures from the Live Stream. I can take time lapse and videos just not still pictures.

I have attached a video I took to illustrate. I have force closed the app and even deleted and reinstalled the app.

Which app version?

I can’t view your video for some reason.

It’s a forum software bug. Download it instead.

It plays for me using Chrome browser

It does for me, too. But a Wyze poster confirmed the bug and said they’re looking at it.

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I have tried 2.5.45 and 2.5.35 both with the same result.

Ok I just tried again this morning and nothing changed but today it takes pictures just fine!


I have the opposite problem: pictures from my cameras turn up in my Android gallery without me taking them! :frowning:

There is an option in the Android photo gallery that will snag pictures all over your phone. I honestly don’t know the in’s and out’s of it but I understand that this behavior is customizable.

Any Android users want to jump in?

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its varies so much with each phone as all the companies put their own skin on android…what phone do you have @qlang243

@qlang243 I believe that is a different issue. I don’t know if they ever fixed it. I’ve noticed that as well. I would report that in a ticket to see if they can resolve it.

Samsung Note 8

It’s likely an Android issue, which is why I never reported it to Wyze. I see it happening with other apps, too.

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