Unable to share my Wyze Cam Outdoor

I have received and installed my new Wyze Cam Outdoor kit. I am able to view and manage this camera on my Home tab.

I have “shared” this camera with my wife and she has accepted the share, but that camera does not appear on her Home tab. She is, however, able to see event recordings that were made through my Wyze app.

I have stopped the Wyze app, cleared the cache, and restarted Wyze on her phone. It did not fix the problem. Is there anything more I can do or is this an error in the application?

Randy Wheeler

What phones are you using?


I have installed a new Wyze Cam Outdoors camera and base on my network and want to share it with my wife on the same network. She accepts the “share” using her Wyze app but doesn’t see the camera. I don’t know what “phones” have to do with this.

Randy Wheeler

Make sure her app is the most current version

I was asking what kind of phones you and your wife have though because I have seen people have issues sharing to an iPhone

Ahh! That makes sense now. 2 Google Pixel 3 XL’s running Android 10. Mine is at the latest release level. I’ll cehek hers.



Did you get this running?