Wyze Outdoor not Sharing

We have a Wyze Outdoor and really like it. Today I shared the Wyze Outdoor and when the other user accepted the share, they cannot view the camera. I can sit right beside them and view it perfectly but when they try it says the camera needs to be power cycled. I do not see any way to share the base unit but not sure I need to, but do not see any way to get the share to work for the Outdoor. They have all our other Wyze cameras shared and they work perfect, but the Outdoor does not work at all.

Any help!

does the shared user has the latest wyze app ?


Just checked and no they didn’t. They were running v2.0.26 and I went to the Google Play Store and updated it. After updating I ran the app and the outdoor camera ran PERFECTLY! Not sure why it was so outdated but that worked.

Thank you!!!