Unable to get "Ready to connect" message from Home Monitoring Hub

I just received my Home Monitoring System kit and am trying to setup the hub. I plug it in to power and it says follow the instructions to setup your system or something similar. So I press the setup button on the back of the hub and a little while later get the same message, not “Ready to Connect.”

I don’t have it connected to my router because I want to use WiFi. Questions: Does it need to be connected via cable for setup? If so, how do I change the configuration to use WiFi after setup?

I answered my own questions. I connected the hub by cable to my router and added it to my account. I then disconnected the cable, hit the reset button on the hub and readded it without deleting it from my account. I was then able to add wifi access information and it connected.

OK I had the same issue. I had setup hub with one WIFI SSID and wanted to change it to a different WIFI SSID. The first time I was able to get it to work by manually connecting my phone to the WYZE sense hub bluetooth. The Second time ( After Firmware Upgrade)
that did not work. What did work was to press the Reset button while the phone app was searching for HUB. The sense hub appears to disable the bluetooth and does not wait long (times out) after the button is pressed and you hear it’s ready response. So when the App says:
“I Heard Ready to Connect” Check the dialog box
Press “Next” and then when it says “connecting”
Press the reset on the Hub again, and it will connect to the App
This worked every time for me.

So as a Side bar: My Internet cable runs right along my Apartment and it would be very easy for someone to cut and disable my Wyze Alarm. I hope you “Wyze Guys” are reading
this. So I have a little Chrome Box running Ubuntu Linux which is very easy to configure
a hotspot on. As I have Xfinity and there are a couple of xfinity wifi hotspots around, I setup
my Linux box to connect to the xfinity wifi as the source connection, (Signed in of course)
and setup a USB wifi adapter as the hotspot which my Wyze Hub, Wyze Camera and phone are connected to. All of this running on a UPS. So I can monitor connection status via my phone, Xfinity’s whole system would have to go down to lose connectivity. The Xfinity hot spots only work on equipment you lease from Xfinity and they also do not count against your 1.2 TB limit (Last I checked).
So it is a safe bet the Xfinity wifi Hot Spot you connect to is someone Just using as a basic internet connection. (Will usually be plugged in and working).
Do this at your own risk however.