Unable to find my order

I have saved my order ID 002661316 but i can’t even login to my account - it says i have never registered it, so i have sign up again.

Have you been charged ?

If yes, it’s a concern.
If not … I’d change my Wyze PW and such …
Would help if you would give more info

Yup, i have been charged for 7 cameras, as i have ordered.

…and what steps have u done to resolved this issue ?

opened a ticket 618525 and nobody responds for 3rd day

Sorry for your problems with your Order.
I’d PM @WyzeGwendolyn if I where you …

You already did it, so i will not double it. Thank you, will wait for Gwendolyn to come ))
And thank you for help


Hello! I just checked your tracking number and it’s saying that your order was delivered on Saturday. Has it reached you yet?

Thanks for the tag, @gku2! :slight_smile:

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@WyzeGwendolyn thanks for response. I have spoken with support yesterday, and looks like it’s still not delivered to my actual address, but rather to USPS. Latter will deliver it to me.

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You’re welcome! Thanks for taking the time to update me. :slight_smile: