Type of battery in Wyze outdoor cameras vs those in Blink outdoor camera

Can anyone explain why the Wyze outdoor camera battery only last up to 3 months when a Blink outdoor camera can get up to 2yrs?

Specsmanship? Blink says they spec their cam at what might be 8 seconds a day of live view (really?), 60 seconds of motion-activated recording (1 event?) and 6-1/2 seconds of live view with 2-way talk. Can you even do either 2-way talk or just live view in 6-1/2 to 8 seconds a day?

They also say no slow internet connections, no temp extremes, and no weak signals to get that spec. Temp extremes alone disqualifies most of us in outdoor conditions.

So maybe you should be asking Blink users if 2 years is their actual experience (do they have a forum like this?) Regardless, buy it, and come back to tell us about your experience! Converts! :heart_eyes:

Actually, I have 3 Blink unprotected outdoor cameras which are now going on 2 years in New England weather (temps from 0-100 degrees) with little to no problems with them.
While my Wyze protected camera’s (which do have better features) can barely make 3 months of battery life in my mother’s home in central Florida. I can’t understand how Wyze can’t make a camera with a longer lasting battery.

So your cams wake up for any passing event and still last 2 years on battery?

Here we hear about anything from never waking up for an event, to waking up every passing second.

There is supposedly a patented power management chip in the Blinks. While I’m as skeptical as any, various reviews and extended tests do indicate the devices last a long time.