Two wire compatibility thermostat to Wyze

Before you decide to purchase a Wyze Thermostat because they told you “it’s compatible with two wire systems,” DON’T. It’s simply not compatible no matter what their website or box says. Do yourself a favor and avoid this product. Get a Nest or another product that actually works with a two wire system. Wyze’s work around there is just for you to start adding more wires (as if that’s an option for the average homeowner with no HVAC education or training) or just “simply upgrade” your furnace like that’s a realistic option. I love my other Wyze products but this one is a bust. Avoid it and look elsewhere.

Where did they say it’s compatible with a 2-wire system? It isn’t on the box, and I don’t notice it in the store or support sections.

They do have a compatibility checker, what does it tell you?

Interesting, I didn’t know Nest had a battery powered option (“Learning” model).

The nest 2 wire systems are notorious for killing relays and transformers with their power stealing methods.

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So you’re saying I should keep with my current decision to use dumb thermostats with AA batteries?

As long as the dumb thermostat has all the features you want, and you don’t have the ability to run new thermostat wires, yes.

Well… I would like to be able to tell Alexa to raise the temperature a couple of degrees… But I don’t need to. :slight_smile:

It’s kind of a shame the battery powered ones are also vampiric as you say. I wouldn’t mind charging them every few months if they left my transformer alone.

I replaced my 2 wire system with the WYZE thermostat, I purchased a 24v ac powersupply check amazon) and it is running great. Just need to hide the power wire or drop it into the wall into my basement.

C Wire Adapter, Aowel 24 Volt Transformer for Smart Thermostat and Doorbell, UL Certification

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