TV Sync box for LED strips

I’m pretty deep into the Hue ecosystem but I really want to have tv sync but at the same time I’m not spending like $300 to be able to sync my lights to the tv, if wyze makes an affordable sync box for the LED strips, i’m sold and buying it instantly!

@davidnestico2001 This sounds awesome, but I don’t know enough to know why I want it so bad. What’s a sync box, and what would it do for you?

Like this?

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Yes! But wyze!

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Wow. Neat!

I’ve been wanting this and search for this every few months in hopes the price and brands that make them has gone down and expanded. But now that Wyze makes smart LEDs, I don’t understand why they stopped there and didn’t make an HDMI reader that we can use with them.
I know this category doesn’t have many votes but that’s only because most ppl don’t know this even exist, once they learn about it everyone would want it!

I really hope Wyze makes this happen before I break down and pay $200+ for a good set.

For the person who linked the cheap set above, I know they make those but having a camera mounted on your tv to look at your tv would look dumb not to mention is much slower on having the lights match the tv borders.

Today is first set of RGB lights I get from WYse and I hope they are as bright and good as the GE ones, man those are $80 but they will light up a room better then two 80w bulbs, just amazing compared to every other brand I’ve tried. Wyze needs to take a look and compete with GEs strips. Just fyi.

I love all your products and have switch a many friends over to your brand, thank you for all the great products and keep up the good work!

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