Turn on light for X minutes

I’m aware that there is a timer in the Wyze app that allows you to turn on your Wyze bulbs for a defined period of time. What we need is a way to call this from other sources such as “Alexa: Turn on the porch light for 5 minutes” or via an API call that can be used by IFTTT or similar 3rd party apps.

This would make setting up a security light, which many people have suggested doing, a breeze. If the timer can also be added to the shortcuts this functionality could be handled completely within the Wyze app. Furthermore adding the bulbs as a triggerable device in the same way as a sensor can be linked to cameras would be perfect.

Discovered that when you create a shortcut to turn off a light when a motion sensor has been clear for X time the light doesn’t turn off. Seems that the timers here don’t work.
Fixed with update.

Sorry about that! Could you please give the timer another try to see if it’s working better now?

Latest bulb updates look like they fixed this issue. Awesome! Timers work perfectly with both motion and contact sensors. Still can’t ask Alexa or Google to turn a bulb on for x time but that’s not a big deal, I’m just being overly critical when testing.

All we need now is the same “when camera is clear” clause on the cameras for bulb automation.


Wonderful! I’m happy to hear it. In this case, I’m going to move this topic into #ask-the-community and mark it as solved. :slight_smile:

Sorry but can someone tell me where this timer is found on the iPhone app version?

never mind I found it :slight_smile:

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