Turn off light after some period of time and no activity. Wyze doorbell camera and porch light bulb

Anyone know how to solve this? I have my porch light going on, thru Alexa, if someone rings the doorbell. Problem is, there is not a way to shut it off after some period of time, with inactivity. Also, if motion is detected, a person especially, I want to turn the light on for some period of time. I can’t figure out how to do this. I need to turn the light off, rather than leave it burn forever. What if I’m not home to turn it off?

We need a timer on pretty much all actions.

I do this with a lot of different routines.
So in the routine that turns on the light, just add a few more actions underneath it. Add a “Wait X amount of time” then a new action to turn it off. Works great. Here’s a screenshot of the one I use for telling me when a person was detected at the front of my house (anything nearer to my house than the sidewalk):

So if the AI detects a person, Alexa says “Knock Knock” then switches my desk lamp to red for 10 seconds then turns the lamp back off. If it is someone at the back of the house (ie: my wife coming home and exiting the garage to enter the back door), then it flashes green 10 seconds then turns off.

Modify that to suit your personal needs (maybe X amount of minutes instead, and maybe triggered by ringing the doorbell as you said).

Hope that helps you to see how I did it.


Aside from an Alexa way to do it, you can simply set a Wyze rule to say if the Bulb has been on for x seconds or minutes, turn the Bulb off: