Turn Off a camera via Google Assistant?

So Yurii’s suggestion to use IFTTT works like a charm and will be perfect for my needs!

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For me It’s about turning on the cameras, and the motion detection, when I’m NOT home. Currently I have to manually turn them off whenever I’m home to avoid motion detection notifications constantly. Then I have to remember to turn them on when I leave; which I usually forget. This is especially a hassle if you are going in and out.

I have routines set up with google assistant when I leave and come home. The very least I would expect in the integration is the ability to turn them on and off together with my home/away routines.

You may try adding “turn off (camera name)” as a “try adding your own” trigger on the routine. I’ve started having the opposite problem. I want to keep my cameras on but recently Google started turning them off along with everything else when I turn off a room. I don’t remember it ever doing that before. Maybe they added a power off ability I didn’t even consider they might not have had before in the first place? In any case your scenario may just work now.

Ifttt is not for free anymore this option doesn’t work for multiple cameras, any other suggestions?
Thank you