Google assistant keywords?

I am wondering what is the keyword to turn all my cameras off at once? Turing individual ones on or all of them on at once I can but turning them all off; I can’t figure out how to do. Thanks in advance.

Why are you turning them off? "Hey Google? Turn off all cameras? I don’t believe Google supports those functions. Okay I am positive they do not.

I dont feel the need to have the cameras on when I’m home. so I always turn them off. Similar to my alarm system; if im home its usually off until I head out the door. But thanks for checking.

Hmm I just poked around the Alexa app and can’t find a way to do anything with the cameras there (besides the *show" function of the skill via voice). No routines access for any on/off function or anything else… It also takes a “hide” keyword but that’s it. I guess the Wyze skill is even more limited than I expected.

I believe the only functionality for Assistant and cameras with Wyze is to view through Chromecast.
Apologies. My first message came off rude. Forgive me.


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Okay so that’s feature parity (such as it is) with the Amazon version (to Firesticks / FireTV). The original poster said he or she was able to turn them on with Google.

No big wasnt rude at all.