Trying to get to the bottom of connectivity - (w/ WeMo geofencing)

So the more I think about the connectivity issues and those that have no problems versus those that do, I keep coming back to comparing apple to oranges.

I have a different setup than some. I want/need geofencing with my cameras. I knew Wyze didn’t have it, so I found a great suggestion online to utilize smart outlets with either IFTTT integration, Nest thermostat integration or geofencing built in. I had two options to pull this off. WeMo had both IFTTT and Nest and bonus Alexa integration. Or, I could go with Insteon and integrate with my existing equipment. I went the route of WeMo.

So what I have are 6x Wyze Cams V1, 6x WeMo Mini Smart Outlets & 6x 32gb Class 10 MicroSD cards. I utilize the Nest integration with the WeMo devices to turn the power to the cameras on when I leave and off when I return. I also have 5x of the cameras turn on at night and off in the morning.

Now I know there are other ways to achieve this power to camera version of geofencing, but in the end, the camera should behave the same for all those cases. It has to reboot everytime and there is no guarantee that the power to the camera doesn’t cut off during some internal script/function.

So I have to pose the question, does the repeated power on/power off of Wyze Cams V1 effect the hardware, firmware, connectivity, etc. Before you jump in and say, “it could” or “maybe”, have some technical backing for your comment. For every “it could” not supported by technical explanation, the simple response is “it might not” or “maybe not”.

I put all of this forward because I only see one obvious distinction between my setup and those of others who have no connectivity issues. I have power cycling through WeMo outlets. Until such time that there is a geofencing option built in that will allow the cameras to remain on without recording (alerts or continuous), a power cycling option is the only geofencing solution.


Hey! If you get a chance, could you run some of those troubleshooting requests from your support ticket? Your situation definitely is unique from what you explained and I think some troubleshooting from the cameras on your network in your set up would prove very valuable to the team while we try to narrow down the reoccurring connectivity issues.