Trying to flash wyzee cam v2 RTSP wont flash blue

I am trying to flash my camera so I can configure RTSP and when I put the demo.bin file on the ds card and insert it. Then “Hold the setup” button while plugging in the usb I get no steady blue light. What is the resolve for this?

Just want to check, the firmware says ‘‘demo.bin’’ or does it say more like demo_V2_RTSP_4.28.4.41.bin ?
I ran into the same issue a while ago because the file was not just demo.bin

You need to rename the file to just “demo.bin”. I messed up my webcam firmware and unknowing renamed it to “demo.bin.bin”. Well that didn’t work. Once renamed to just demo bin it worked.

@haloreachonyx, what size card are you trying? I’ve heard and experienced only 32 gig and 16 gig cards working for the flash.

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Did you find a solution? I have the same problem…

Same here. All I get is an amber light then quick blue blink for 1/10 of a sec then the “delightful” voice of "ready to connect "

Make sure you’re naming the file demo.bin (some folks do accidentally have “demo.bin.bin” and this messes up the flash.

Same as above – also please double check that you’ve got the correct naming convention for that file and that you’re installing the correct device’s firmware (v2 vs Pan).

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I am also getting the “Ready to Connect” notification, and the status light does not stay solid blue. Only file on memory card is demo.bin - after inserting the card, the camera does see the card. After multiple tries, I formatted the card via the app, and still no luck. I turned on local storage, and it does record to the card, so the card is good. Any update? Any chance of doing an over the air via wifi firmware update to RTSP? Thanks