Trigger lights based on iOS wake up?


I would like my Wyze color bedroom bulbs to turn on based on the wake up time specified for that particular day on my iPhone.

I often change my wake up alarm time and I do not want to have to change this in two places (iOS health app via clock and Wyze app).

I tried using a combo of shortcuts and IFTTT but haven’t had any success yet.

This is a great idea, I was actually thinking about this just the other day, but never got around to doing any research.

For ideas like this, the #wishlist is where you should post. The wishlist lets users vote for others ideas, and Wyze reviews it weekly.

Please repost this thread and use the category of wishlist. Make sure to vote on it, thanks!

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Oh, did you think that this would require the developers to create new functionality? I was hoping that this could be done with some 3rd party integrations.

Only thing I’m aware of is IFTTT or Alexa / google home routines. If those don’t support this, then it would require implementation from Wyze.