Tricky motion detection problem--wind sway?

Here’s a few seconds from my Wyze cam, pointed at a hummingbird feeder:

I’d like the camera to record only when it detects a hummingbird in the frame, but the slow swaying of the feeder from the wind means the camera is always detecting motion.

Is there a way, other than some fancy footwork with zones, to ignore macro movement like the swaying feeder, and detect only smaller motion like the bird?

I think the only way you could is with software trained to recognize the bird shape. There are a couple of plugins for HomeAssistant that could probably do it.

Or, hmm, maybe a PIR sensor like Wyze Sense’s would do the trick. It could be placed on the birdhouse or tree?


Heh. I suddenly remembered that I have the Wyze Sense kit, including the PIR sensor. I got that hooked up, and I got some pretty decent footage (both heavily cropped):

Then the camera stopped capturing, even though the sensor is regularly detecting motion. I may delete all and re-add to see if that fixes it.