Tree Limbs setting off as Vehicle

What is the best way to set my alerts? It keeps sending me notifications that a vehicle is in the yard when it’s only the shadows of tree limbs blowing in the wind :cry:

Chances are the tree limb triggered the motion but there may be a stationary vehicle in view. Do you need Vehicle alerts on? For my setup, I only want alerts for Persons.


Yes sir there is a stationary vehicle sitting there. It’s mine. Even when I’m not here, it will alert me that a vehicle is coming in the yard. But again, it’s the limbs blowing. I have taken the vehicle alert off but it didn’t alert me when a vehicle did pull in.

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The Wyze AI Tagging Engine happens on the Wyze Server. The cam is only responsible for detecting motion anywhere within the Detection Zone, marking it with the green Motion Tracking box, and pushing an upload to the server. Once the Motion Activated Uploads happens, the cam is done and onto the next motion trigger. It has a very short attention span.

Once the Video gets to the server, the AI Engine takes over. It looks at every frame, either 20fps day or 15fps night, to see if there is a Person, Pet, Vehicle, or Package depending on your settings. It does not see motion, only still images. A 10s daytime upload is 200 frames or 200 still images.

The AI Engine looks at every object within the FOV for a match. Since your Car is parked there and you have Vehicle selected, it will return a Vehicle tag every time an upload occurs because of some other Motion Activated Upload.

Crank up your sensitivity and you could experience hundreds of these in a short time.


Oh! I have it set on 50 . Should I go lower or higher? Thanks

No. 50 for a PanV3 is decent. You have to tune your cam individually for your own specific Field of View. No two cam FOV are alike. The Placement (FOV), Sensitivity, and Detection Zone are all custom to your particular use case.

The higher you go on the sensitivity, the less motion it takes to pull the Motion Activation trigger and the more uploads you send to the AI Engine on the server.

Using a Detection Zone will also cut down on unwanted Motion Activation uploads by blocking vegetation and objects that move a lot. Although, if you are using the Pan Scan or Motion Tracking feature, the Detection Zone is useless since it is only set for your Home Position or one of your Waypoints.

Thank you so much for your help!

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Any time! There are a bunch of helpful folks who use Wyze gear here in the forum like @StevenA and me. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask! We can usually point you to the right user, topic, article, or reference.