Travel trailer camera?

Hello y’all! I’m thinking about taking this camera and using it as a camera on the back of my travel trailer as I travel down the road. Any ideas how I could possibly hard wire it somehow to my lights to power it. Without running it all the way into my trailer?

You could wire in a any 12v to USB converter. However, the Wyze camera would be a bad choice for the camper. I have a hard wired camera on mine, but wouldn’t even attempt a Wyze WiFi camera. For one thing, while I’ve used a Wyze cam outdoors for over a year without issue, it is an indoor camera. The back of the camper would be subject to not just a little rain, but driving rain and spray from moving down the road.


Not to mention having to be running a WiFi hotspot the entire time you wanted to use it. You’re probably better off just getting a dash cam to mount inside the rear window if you have one on your travel trailer or a license plate mounted back up camera and a screen to display the video feed on. You can find both for $40-$50, all in, on Amazon and might be a better solution.

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Not a Wyze but this guy tends to know his stuff. “sixtyfiveford”