Transfer Gift Alarm Monitoring Account

I had a really confusing interaction today with Wyze support. I’d purchased a home alarm system, with a year of monitoring, for my grandmother as a gift. Since my grandfather passed away last month, she’s been a little uncomfortable alone at the house, and as I have a Wyze alarm system and love it, I thought it would be perfect for her and help ease some of her concerns.

When I set up her system, I was unable to find a way to transfer the purchase to her email and account. I called support, and after about 30 minutes, I was instructed to cancel and send back the system, and repurchase under my grandma’s email.

I can’t imagine this is the only way to do this and wonder if maybe there was a language barrier between me and the tech assisting me. Does anyone know how to transfer an account? I’d really hate to have to uninstall all the components to box then up and send back in, and have to reorder and do the entire process again. Seems so wasteful and unecessary. Any help would be appreciated!

Currently there’s no way to do this, so if the tech didn’t offer to do it from their side, it’s probably impossible. You could try contacting support again if you think they didn’t understand you, but I’m guessing you will get the same answer

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Thank you for the prompt response!

I’m really surprised by that because in the past I’d seen an advert from them about buying the system for a family member. I’d wanted to get my parents a camera system for the house for Christmas and now am having second thoughts.

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There isn’t any issue with transferring the hardware to her account. That can be done through the app since many people leave the alarm system when they sell a house.

But, I am confused. It sounds like you did the install already:

When you installed it, did you not install it using her Wyze Account?

I can’t imagine that it allowed you to install the system on your account because:

You can’t have 2 HMS alarm systems on one account because it doesn’t allow for multiple addresses.

So the question is who’s account is the 1 year free subscription installed to (and the hardware)? Subscriptions are not transferrable once the code has been used to assign it to the account.

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I installed the hardware with her account.

I have my own account that I purchased last year. This month I purchased the second account. I wasn’t given a code or anything, just a “welcome to wyze home monitoring” type email. I assumed that there would be some direction when I installed her devices to transfer the account to her account. Nothing ever came up promoting that. I contacted Wyze support who told me it wasn’t possible and that the second account I purchased was tied to my email account. I did advise them that on my own application, I didn’t see the second monitoring purchase, just the initial one I did last year.

I only contacted them because when I was trying to set up the monitoring, I kept getting a “fail” message when putting in her address. It would auto find her address, by when I would click the continue button it would advise that it failed and wouldn’t let me move past that screen to do anything else. That’s when I called wyze, and the tech advised me that it was probably an issue because I’d purchased the new home monitoring for my grandma in my email and not hers, and that I needed to return the system and repurchase it under her email.

I hope I’m making sense and if you need anything else clarified please let me know. I love my home system so thought it would be perfect for her. I didn’t anticipate running into this issue.

You have an account that uses your email as your username. You purchased the HMS subscription when you installed it to your account a year ago.

You purchased the second HMS hardware kit, with the free 1 year monitoring subscription, using your account. Which means you added an additional 1 year of free monitoring to your account when you purchased it.

You are making sense. I understand now.

The free 1 year subscription is the issue because it is bound to your account, which already has a HMS subscription.

Not sure why it isn’t showing up in your account unless it is because it hasn’t been activated. It may have just extended your renewal date.

It has been so long since I installed mine, but when I did, the email sent from Wyze cane with an activation code.

Customer Support would be the only ones able to remove the free subscription from your account and bind it to her account… If they can at all. It may be that they didn’t understand what you were asking for.

I would try calling them again. If you can’t understand them, they probably can’t understand you. Make sure you get a Wizard you can communicate with.

Have them verify that they can see the 1 year free subscription on your account that hasn’t been used yet. Explain that the starter kit w\ free subscription was bought from your account as a gift for another account, and ask that they unbind that unused free subscription from your account and bind it to their account. It’s worth another shot, although there are no promises. This is a brand new scenario for me.


If your renewal date on your existing Monitoring subscription has been extended by 1 year from this second HMS purchase, it might just be simpler for you to keep the free year on your account and to purchase a new subscription on her account… Since you would have paid for that year on your account anyway.

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I paid for the second home monitoring account. There was no “kit” available that I could find. It’s a paid version and it came with a free base station and I just purchased all the additional hardware that I needed. The wyze tech did suggest that I just cancel my old subscription as it’s near time to renew anyway, and use the newly purchased subscription on my account. I explained that I was locked into the old cheaper rate so I didn’t want to do that as I would now be locked into the new higher rate. In either case, it didn’t really solve what was wrong as I’d still have to return the new base station I purchased that seems to be locked to my account and get a whole new one for my grandma. Bleh. I appreciate your help with this.

You paid for the second home monitoring “hardware system”. It came with the free 1 year Monitoring “Subscription”.

Your “Account” is how you are registered with Wyze. You only have one account and your Grandmother only has one account. You don’t purchase or transfer accounts. Those are free to set up and are registered by your email address.

When you talk to support, they will get confused if you ask them to transfer an account. That cannot be done. Make sure you tell them the right thing.

They may very well have been sold out if the “starter kit”. You went the “build your own” route which is what I did as well.

I would not cancel your HMS subscription. You want to keep the rate. Check to make sure it didn’t just extend the term on your existing subscription by 12 months.

If it were me, I would try CS a couple times before I gave up and did the return route. They might actually be able to use the free 12 months on your account as your subscription renewal.