Train AI for specific pet

With the new “custom AI training” features coming, identifying a specific pet (analogous to a specifc face) would be very useful.

How would I use it? Probably train a Wyze cam on a food bowl that only unlocks for one cat, and make an IFTTT trigger to spray water on any other cat. :slight_smile: Shorter-term, recognize events associated with a particular pet. Helpful for “who is digging over there?” and other important pet-owner questions.

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Well, I’m doubting you’ll ever get your IFTTT trigger. We still don’t have an IFTTT trigger for person detected and that’s been a thing for a couple years. Vehicle detection currently notifies me that my truck that hasn’t moved in a couple months is still there because a tree limb or shadow is in frame.

I too get regular reassurances that my car is still sitting stationary on my driveway, with rustling leaves at the corner of the frame. :wink: