Too Many Events At Night

I live on a corner and at night I get way to many recorded events. The reason for this is car headlights shining onto my front porch. I can reduce the dectection zone down to get rid of most of the unwanted events. However, this then leaves me with another problem. During the day, the detection zone is so small. When I get a delivery, i may not get a notification that someone was on my porched because the event waso quick. Nobody nothers to ring the doorbell, they just drop the package and run.

Some nights I have had to just turn the camera off but then I might forget to turn it back on. Is there a setting make the night vision less sensitive? So that a cars headlights wouldn’t set it off at the littlest flash. Also little bugs can set it off too which is a pain .

Hello @jadesse. You can Automate a Custom Schedule with the “Shortcuts” to avoid forgetting to turn on or off.


On too many events, including bugs: You can install a motion sensor out there and use it alone to trigger the camera. You would have to make sure it isn’t pointing at the street, or it will see cars go by. It also should not face a sunny area if that area gets uneven heating due to moving shadows. For me, I can put a sensor 90 degrees from the road across my front porch that only sees my front porch.

On turning off the camera or notifications, and possibly forgetting to turn them back on, you can schedule a shortcut to automatically turn them back on when whatever you normally turn them off for has passed. I have one that automatically comes back on at 11 AM if I turn it off for tree shadows, and some that come back on at 9 PM in case I turned them off during the day for pretty much anything else.


Motion sensor is a good idea to decrease the number of events… But just be aware that the motion sensor is meant for indoor usage. It might void your warranty if you use it outdoors.

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I have exactly the same headlight problem. The motion sensor is the answer - and relatively cheaply -at least until they change or vastly improve the ‘pixel disturbance’ motion detection algorithm. I have mine on the porch, which is covered, and have had no weather problems so far.


Update: I have set up a schedule to get rid of all of the events at night. However this is still not a perfect solution. However, there still seems to be flaws in the detection. I had an individual on my porch at around 9:20 this morning for well over a minute & no notification. This is the whole point of me having the camera in the first place. What is up with this? It seems like with each update things get worse.