Too Fast For The Turn


Teenage driver with a car load of teenage friends. Just some cuts and bruises.
It does make it back to its wheels. The gif I uploaded ended about two seconds too soon.


W.O.W. That is crazy.

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OMG whaaaaat?! I was expecting cops right behind :slight_smile: To be continue …

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Clearly, they swerved to miss that dog! Not. Too fast in a top heavy vehicle, plus hitting the breaks. Looks like it might complete that last roll if the video kept going. Did they drive off?

teenage driver? Hopefully all buckled in and not injured!

WHOA!! Hope the driver is alright??

Rolling in hot!

no more grand turismo for him!!!

Another one would be…

When your in laws are coming.


Better question is-- who is living in all these McMansions, with disposable SUV’s…let me know if anyone in the neighborhood is hiring…I’ll take any position (that will allow me to buy a McMansion).

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I bet the insurance company would LOVE to see this video…hahaha

“I don’t know what happened, out of no where a deer jumped in front of the SUV, luckily I’m not too hurt…”

I find myself wondering if it ended up back on its wheels thanks to the slope.

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Where they messed up the most was slamming the brakes. If they would have rode the turn, they may have had a better chance at not flipping.


Watching too much NASCAR.

Awesome :rofl::smiley::smile:

Dang stealth Limo with New York plates…

Another teen trying to drift in a van.

I was gonna say the exact same thing

This always throws them for a loop.


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