Toggle for on off is missing

I have 2 groups of cams. One at my moms in wv and one for my home. My moms cams are working great, one of mine is out. Also my moms on and off toggles are there, mine are not. I cannot figure out whays wrong with my cam pan v3. It says lost connection, but my others are working. Helpppp

If I may, it seems you are having several issues in which you are trying to get insight about how to fix. First, subscription services. If you are not the primary subscriber and the subscription is not being shared with you “i.e” unlimited annual plan you can share with other friends and/or family. Than the camera is being shared via your mom’s account meaning you are not able to anything but view the cameras. No power on/off toggles no ability to set rules, change anything just view.(On a side note-Thank you wyze for offering premium subscribers to share that with others. I know this not the most profitable approach to maximizing profits. But allows more people to have access to the premium services you provide. THANK YOU). Moving on you cam pan v3. I personally am not very fond of the power connection design. But that’s where I would start. If it’s powered off. If it’s just not connected, I would look to your WiFi network and insure that the wifi passwords haven’t been changed recently that network name hasn’t changed ect. As this will not your device to connect because it doesn’t recognize the network. Best approach is to delete and reconnect device. Refer to guide that came with your product or follow in the app. I hope this information provides or leads to resolution.