Today's product launch by Wyze

Where can I view today’s product launch by Wyze?

Hello! Check out our main website, to see our new product, the Wyze Cam Pan.

It’s phenomenal! There are two things needed:

1 - A mounting bracket/shelf that can placed in a corner on the wall, extending out enough to allow for full rotation

2 - A weatherproof version so it can be mounted in different positions, with at least a 12ft., single piece extension cable.

Thanks for this feedback! I will pass along to our product team. As far as the mounting bracket/shelf, we’re not selling a specific mounting bracket, but the camera has a screw hole in the base that accepts most tripod mount screws (1/4-20). And as far as a weatherproof version, we agree it would be great to have a weatherproof version, that’s something our team is looking into for the future.

I have used these for the baby monitors in my kid’s rooms for a couple of years. I imagine they would work to mount the WyzeCams as well.