Need helpt to get greater downward angle

I cannot make cam bend enough to see people when they’re at my front door. So, I need to change the mounting somehow with guidance that Wyze refuses to give me after selling me this camera to replace a camera which had the range. This geeky software will not allow me to attach a picture!

My best answer is to replace the camera with a Pan V3 and have it mounted inverted. That will have no problem looking straight down if desired. Here is a short video from one of my Pan V3 cameras. It starts off looking out to the horizon, but then pans down to straight down, Then rotates about 250 degrees while still looking straight down. Then pans up and then back around horizontally. Finally it pans up until you can start seeing the base and part of the mounting bracket attached to the underside of the roof. And yes, it was raining at the time I recorded this.


This is exactly what I did; I need to monitor an area right below the camera.

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Is part of the camera missing in the photo? I’ve never owned a Cam Pan v2 :cam_pan_v2:, but in all the product photos I’ve seen it appears that there’s a clear plastic dome in front of the actual camera mechanism, and I don’t see that in your photo. That makes me concerned that parts of the device are now open to the elements, especially if this camera is mounted outdoors (as I suspect it is, since your initial post said that you can’t see people at your front door).

I haven’t tried mounting any of my Cam Pan v3s :cam_pan_v3: upside down, but I’ve been pleased with their range of motion for my own use cases, and I agree with @K6CCC’s recommendation to do that upgrade if you need that movement. Otherwise, if you just want to monitor a door, then looking at a stationary camera might be a slightly more affordable option.

If you don’t want to buy a new Cam Pan v3, just buy a new mount that has an articulating shaft so you can achieve more downward angle. Something like this:

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To my eyes, that looks very similar to what @robertburns already has in place. The way the current mount is installed, it looks like the socket part of the ball-and-socket joint could be rotated about 90° so that the open slot is facing the perpendicular wall and then the shaft that’s mounted into the camera base could be angled more toward that wall so that the camera swings up a bit for a downward view.

I also still wonder if I’m looking at exposed camera innards and have concerns about the long-term viability of the camera if part of its weather protection is missing. I’m looking at the Cam Pan v2 product page, which says “Indoor use only” under “Weather Resistance”, but maybe I’m making too many assumptions about where this is currently mounted based on what @robertburns wants to accomplish with this camera and the accompanying photograph.

It is outdoors but in a covered passageway. The earlier outdoor one lasted for years. I’ll see if I can actual rotate it as you say. Thanks.

I don’t recall any missing part. The mount is outside but well inside an alcove. I think that for whatever reason I have the wrong camera.

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Here’s the missing information. Wyze duped me into buying this camera and I’m going to make a warranty claim:

System (Wyze)

Nov 10, 2023, 10:56 AM PST

(10:34:53 AM) *** Robert Burns joined the chat ***
(10:34:53 AM) Robert Burns: Name:Robert Burns,, Description:Ticket 3263544
(10:34:53 AM) Robert Burns: Customer Journey

Bot: Okay cool, you have a question about an order. Let’s get you the information you need.
Robert: Something Else
Bot: Here are a few more sugestions. If you do not see what you need please type your question in detail below.
Robert: Orders related question
Bot: Okay cool, you have a question about an order. Let’s get you the information you need.
Robert: Smelt your bot and fire the bot controller.
Bot: [Introducing Wyze Handheld Vacuum - Some Wyze Handheld Vacuum features that don’t suck:][Link omitted.]
Bot: Was this helpful?
Robert: No
Robert: Contact Support
(10:35:06 AM) Chito: Hi Robert! Thanks for contacting Wyze. Chito here and happy to help! Please note, navigating outside chat may end session and we’ll proceed assisting via email.
(10:35:18 AM) Robert Burns: OK.
(10:35:59 AM) Robert Burns: E-mailed into the Ticket 3263544 thread only to learn that it is closed. That’s on your end and certainly not on mine.
(10:36:34 AM) Robert Burns: I need to know if any of your cams will fit on the mount that I have for my obsolete, nonworking cam.
(10:37:01 AM) Chito: Thanks for letting us know about your Wyze support ticket status inquiry. Sorry for the trouble, don’t worry I’ll help get you through this.
(10:37:47 AM) Chito: I see you got the Wyze Cam Pan v1 camera.
(10:39:50 AM) Chito: Currently, our Wyze Cam Pan v1 is already considered as an outdated device and no longer in production.
(10:40:35 AM) Chito: May you please share your mounting setup so I can help determine the available options for you?
(10:40:36 AM) Robert Burns: I understand that. I need to know which, if any, cam would work on the same mount.
(10:41:00 AM) Robert Burns: How do I do that?
(10:42:07 AM) Chito: You may attach the photo here on chat or I can send you an email where you can reply back with the image.
(10:42:47 AM) Robert Burns: I took one and have to send it by phone to this computer. Than I can upload it.
(10:43:34 AM) Robert Burns uploaded: 20231110_104029.jpg
Type: image/jpeg
Size: 1233100
(10:43:59 AM) Robert Burns: There it is. It’s mounted from the ceiling of an outdoor, covered porch.
(10:44:34 AM) Chito: Thanks for sharing your photo. Please allow me 3 to 5 minutes to check on this.
(10:45:16 AM) Robert Burns: OK
(10:49:37 AM) Chito: Thanks for waiting.
(10:51:36 AM) Chito: Our Wyze Cam Pan v2 which has the same mounting hardware can be mounted just like your old Wyze Cam Pan v1.
(10:52:50 AM) Robert Burns: Please give me a moment to find the Pan v2.
(10:53:27 AM) Robert Burns: I found [Link omitted] but not how to order it.
(10:53:40 AM) Chito: Yes correct. Unfortunately, our Wyze Cam Pan v2 is currently out of stock from our website.
(10:53:55 AM) Chito: I would like to share this link from Amazon for our Wyze Cam Pan v2 [Link omitted.]
(10:54:24 AM) Robert Burns: So, I can buy there? If so, I will do so immediately.
(10:55:43 AM) Chito: Yes Robert. Amazon is one of our authorized reseller.
(10:56:01 AM) Robert Burns: OK. Thank you much!

Wyze Support has limited ability to help you with 3rd party mounts that you bought somewhere else. From the loom of this mount, you can angle it more to one side. Looking here:

Use that as your elbow and bend it towards the open part. You may need to loosen the white collar just above (in this orientation) to be able to make the bend easier at that location.

The pan V1 and v2 arnt very good at looking straight up (or straight down if mounted like you have it). You may not get good traction if trying a warranty claim because this isn’t a warranty issue, I’d say this is more of a product return and also you mounted the indoor camera knowingly in an outdoor location.