[Need Help]Hello,I want to purchase a Case and Wall mount for my Wyze Cam Pan,What about this one from Amazon?

The White One: https://dwz.cn/RQrLc2gd
The Black One: https://dwz.cn/yQkvZpsD
The Metal Wall MOUNT would be better!

I purchased this one https://amzn.to/2GslXD2
In black. Consensus seems to be that the white one can reflect back in night vision and mess up the image.
I sort of thought this design maybe shielded a bit better than the one like you link to above. It is a snug fit. The mount it came with is good.
Ours is out in the open, not under eaves and made it through some rainy days with no problem.


Thank you.But I want to purchase a metal wall mount for my new wyze cam pan.
The Description says whether white or black,this case would not reflect back in night vision and mess up the image.

I got this metal mount, it seems ok so far.

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OK.Thank you!
I have purchase this with the great price $7.99.

I also purchased this one and it works well on outside cam.

If all you are looking for is a wall mount and not necessarily a housing, then Wyze sells one of their own that is more elegant than those from Amazon: