TinyCam Sale 11/2020

I saw this by accident (while looking for Alexa integration). It only mentioned the Google Play version but I took a shot and checked Amazon on a Fire stick; sure enough, half price there too. (Down from the regular bargain price of $4 to just $2).

So TinyCam is now both the only Android app I’ve ever purchased AND the only Amazon FireTV app I’ve ever purchased. :slight_smile:


My Wyze cams are now more accessible than ever.


I mostly dismissed this offer because I already had tinycam pro on google play…then you mentioned Amazon, and I realized that would be a great thing to stream to my firestick like you mentioned, so I bought it. Thanks for the reminder.

When I bought it, it only gave me the option of delivering it to my fire tablet, my Roku or Cloud only. That’s weird it didn’t mention my firestick, but maybe that’s because my power to it is cut off at the moment. We’ll see. I’ll check it out more later. Thanks for the reminder!

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Me too, I had already purchased the Google version (for my Fire tablet) weeks ago at regular price. Interesting, I didn’t even know Amazon app store supported Rokus. Good luck. I actually had some hesitation because I’d rather have only one TinyCam instance talking to the cameras (on my Fire tablet via sideloaded Play Store) and access that via a “client” but TinyCam doesn’t really work that way. I couldn’t think of a simple clean method to access the main instance’s web server from the FireTV sticks. So I did the separate install on the Fire stick and set up the cameras again. But that’s a lot of camera streams if I open a few copies.

By the way with the Fire voice button the best way I’ve found to summon it is saying “launch TinyCam”. Other methods I tried don’t work.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I too have TinyCam set up on multiple devices (2 cell phones, and one computer (bluestacks android emulation) and set them all up separately because I didn’t understand how to do the web server thing. I’m sure if I took the time to read a walkthrough I’d be able to figure it out, but I wasn’t even totally sure what all the benefits really are to doing it that way instead of separate setups. I thought it was just to make them all stream through a weblink instead?

Well yes but the point is that the single device running TinyCam with web server is the one relaying the streams out to the web interfaces rather than each client establishing another connection back to each camera. I think. The only device responding to the web requests is the one running TinyCam.

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Interesting. Will the server forward the signal locally (using just the router and not the ISP)?

Otherwise, if it connects through the ISP or TinyCam everytime first, then I imagine it starts to kill your bandwidth doing it that way.

  1. First time the signal connects from Wyze to Tiny Cam to the server.
  2. Second connection is streamed outbound from the server to ISP/TinyCam
  3. and then connects back to the router it just left to connect to the second device.

Repeat steps 2&3 for each additional device and you begin doubling the bandwidth streams going through your router for each one, instead of connecting directly each time. So if it works that way, then it potentially puts less of a strain on Wyze, but twice as much on your router as doing them all directly without the “server” device.

So, maybe the server allows it to keep things local? (I haven’t looked into it much, but that seems like it could be beneficial, especially since Comcast limits me to 1 TB/month on penalty of $10 per extra GB (only ever went over when we rented out our basement to people streaming multiple TV’s 24/7).

Yes, it’s a pleasingly "dumb* local server approach. There is no Internet involved unless you specifically take the trouble to port forward the TinyCam device’s web server port at your router, and then you’d need to use your home’s public IP address (or dynamic DNS or VPN or redirector service) to reach anything when you were outside your private home network.

Without that, you can reach the web server only within your home network. Typically this would mean the TinyCam server would be streaming to your PC or phone over your WiFi, directly.

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That IS really cool! I will definitely have to read up on how to set that all up then.

I am curious to see if the V3’s are more stable on TinyCam than the V2’s since the V3’s have a better processor and better WiFi, etc. I don’t use TinyCam too often because of the terrible connection issues…especially now that I figured out how to do Camera groups in Wyze and view a bunch there anyway. I wonder if anyone has tested to see if V3’s stay connected better. If so, maybe I’ll set up a server and have tinycam store footage to a network drive.

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It might already be set up! I don’t recall for sure but I think my TinyCam Pro web server was already running on port 8083. At most it’s a single click to enable, with optional security.

I have connection issues but about the same level as with the regular Wyze app. And of course TinyCam lets us go multi-platform.

Yeah, it is really awesome. I can’t believe how many companies they support! It’s incredible. I now have 16 Wyze cams and 3 Eufy cams (mostly as redundancies in important places like the front & back door, incase there is a Wyze issue), and TinyCam lets me personalize the layout across different companies.

The developer definitely deserves $2 for everything he did to build it, it has some incredible features. TinyCam’s AI (ie: PD, etc) isn’t super advanced, but it’s better than nothing for cams that otherwise don’t have any detection on them.

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Thanks for the tip. I thought I was effectively going to get it for free as I had a $2 discount for Google Play, but then I noticed it only applied if the purchase was over $2. :thinking:

That didn’t stop me from springing for TinyCam Pro, however.


I keep finding cool new things about TinyCam. I added a short story at the end of an old thread:

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