Timelapse Vids Upload to Cloud when completed

Can timelapse recordings be auto-uploaded to the cloud once the recording is complete (Wyze Cam Plus or some other video service)?

The slow download speeds when transferring the sometimes very large video files from the camera’s SD Card to my device is frustrating and the process can be flaky at times. If I had a Timelapse record from dusk to after dawn, then the camera off-loaded that video to the cloud so it could be downloaded later on my variety of devices or viewed/shared/downloaded through a web interface, it could take the Timelapse feature to another level.

No. Not with the Wyze App. The Timelapse frames are saved onto the SD Card. When you click the completed Timelapse in the Album, the frames are compiled into the Video and saved to your App Device’s default Media Folder. There is no space allocated on the Wyze Cloud Server nor any mechanism to upload them.

If you have Cloud Storage, there are multiple “Sync” apps that can routinely move, copy or synchronize specified file types or folders to your specified cloud service. I use several of these for Google Drive, Mega, Box, OneDrive, and DropBox, however I use Android.

Similarly, because I use Google and Amazon, all my photos and videos on my are automatically synced with my cloud accounts.