Time sync all cams at once

Instead of syncing time on each individual camera, please provide the option to sync all cameras at once with a single button click.

I would find this useful, I have 4 cameras of my own including my doorbell and I manage my landlords cameras for him, It would indeed save time to have something on the settings page to “sync time all cams now”

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For people using across timezones, would like a way to set time on individudal/Groups of cams. Currently when i travel and accidentally timesync with my phone - there is no way i can set the cams to the original time.

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I have many Wyze cameras, and I’ve noticed that over the course of days or weeks, the time on some of them drift out of sync. I know there’s a feature in the app to manually sync the time of an individual camera, but it would be better if the cameras sync’d their time to an ntp server on a regular basis (daily?).