Time lapse w/ app 2.4.51, FW how long?

I’ve been running a cam to try to and determine how long I can successfully do a time lapse.
On previous FW’s I had been able to record and successfully download for file sizes approaching 1GB.
FW bombs.

On 6/20/19
recorded from 11:10 to 16:06
downloading it bombed but did create a *.h264 file of 426.16 Mb

On 6/21/19
recorded 3hours 56 minutes-successful download from camera file size 460.73 Mb

Is there a file size limit?

I would like direction from Wyze as to what parameters I should be checking but so far all I get is they think they fixed it.

/edit - 6/21/19 on the V2 w/ FW …90 it recorded a 436.7MB file 3 second interval, 0730 to 1230w/ successful download from camera to device, thus 5 hours
on a separate cam running FW I recorded a 3 second time lapse from 0900 to 1600, the file size is 626.8 Mb