Time lapse limited to 30 days?

When setting up a time lapse recording, trying to create an end date at 4 months out, the app reverts to 30 days, In fact, anything over 30 days reverts to 30 days. Is this a feature or a bug?

Bonus question: Can I limit time lapse recording to specific hours of the day (such as 9:00 to 5:00)?


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Hi @howard, I’m pretty sure time lapse recordings depend on the size of the SD card installed in the camera to work. I’m not even sure there is an SD card on the market right now that is big enough to create a time lapse recording 4 months long. And yes, you can limit it to a specific time period like that, but not for mutiple days; just that one day.

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The time lapse seems to be limited to 30 days as howard suggested. I have tried to create longer time lapse videos and have been unsuccessful. Since I am only taking one picture per day in these time lapse videos, card size should not be an issue. The total would only be 60 pictures if I wanted to do a time lapse over 60 days but the app always pushes the end date back to 30 days anyway.

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Bringing this up again because Wyze seems to FINALLY have gotten time lapse working to create files over 1GB (or they had a few updates back).
I’m wanting to capture long time time-lapses. Have a camera take a picture maybe once every 10 minutes,

So I should be able to capture 2 months in that same file size.
Even earlier

So I probably could capture a whole season.
Any easy way around this?

Sorry, I don’t see a way to go past 30 days for a time lapse. I searched, and I’m surprised there isn’t a #wishlist request for it, yet. :wink:

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I’m not. Time lapse has been so flaky since May probably few really use it.
do you think there could be a way to set up a snapshot every 10 minutes through IFFT or rules?

have you guys found any solution for the 30days issue with time-lapse? talking with a chat agent doesn’t seem to go anywhere. they keep saying it depends on the SD card space.

i wonder if it is issue with cam v3.